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Exalting the Savior, Encouraging the Body

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New to LHBC?

Are you looking for a church home? We would love for you to join us at Liberty Hill Baptist Church. Below is a list of common questions.  If you would like more information about our church family and how you can get connected, contact Sherry Daugherty at 205.755.1694 or

When are services?  
Every Sunday. 
Sunday School classes meet at 9:00am. The Worship Service begins at 10:00am.  We offer Wee Worship for ages 3-K and a nursery. 

Where are you located?
5800 County Road 37, Clanton, AL 35045

From Clanton: Go west on Hwy. 22, turn right onto County Road 37. (See map below)

Where do I go the first time I visit LHBC?
There are greeters in the parking lot who will be happy to help you find where you need to go.

Where do I take my children or teenager on Sunday?
For Sunday School at 9 a.m.- There will be "Check-In Here" signs in the parking area.                                                                                                     

For Worship Service at 10 a.m.- Meet us in the main Worship Center. 

What does it mean to be a "member" of LHBC?
By becoming a member of a church means that you have identified with that church and will support that church through your service and giving. If you are a believer then you are already part of the Church which is the universal body of Christ. However, it is essential for your personal growth as a believer that you join a local church. It is also essential to the growth of the church as a whole that you give of yourself and your resources to a local body of believers. 

How do I become a member of LHBC?
1. By becoming a Christian. This is when you come to the understanding that you have a need for Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. Through this process you have come to understand that you are sinful and Jesus loves you, wants to forgive you, and wants to change you into a new person. Once you have repented of your sins (repent means "to turn" from and forsake your sin) and have trusted alone in Christ for salvation, then you must be baptized. 

2. By baptism. You will need to be baptized if you have never been baptized, were baptized prior to salvation (i.e infant baptism) or are coming from a church that does not practice baptism by immersion.

3. By letter. Whenever you join a Southern Baptist Church, we keep a record of your membership. This record is called your "letter." So when you move your membership from one Southern Baptist Church to another, then you move or transfer your letter. When you come to join LHBC you will need to tell us what Southern Baptist Church you are coming from and then we will contact that church and let them know that you have joined our fellowship. After this they will then transfer your membership to us. 

4. By statement. You may not be coming from a Southern Baptist Church but, if you have been saved and baptized and you are coming from another evangelical church that believes similar to LHBC in doctrine and practices of baptism in the same manner, then you will be accepted as a member upon your statement of salvation and baptism. You will not be required to be baptized again. 

What is baptism?
Baptism is a command that the Lord Jesus gave to His followers. We require this because we believe the Bible is very clear about baptism and not for children or infants who have yet to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Finally, we see baptism as being symbolic and not something that is essential for one's salvation. We do believe that if a believer has not been baptized then he or she will not experience God's full measure of blessings because they have not followed the very first command that Jesus gave us to follow. 

Why do we baptize by immersion?
1. Every baptism in Scripture, including Jesus', was by immersion.
2. It best symbolizes Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.
3. The Greek word for baptize means, "to immerse or dip under water."

If I am not a member can I still attend?
Yes. You can participate in many aspects of the life of the church. We have found, however, that those who are not members are less likely to be fully involved in the church and tend to not grow as fast spiritually as those who become members.

From what translation does Bro. Kent preach?
Bro. Kent uses the English Standard Version (ESV). But he also uses other translations during his preparation for weekly messages.  

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